Name: Angel

Case Number: 3183

Date of Birth: 2008

Gender: Boy

State: New York

Additional Information: Angel is a kind boy, funny and smart, with an outgoing personality. He has lots of interests - video games, swimming, climbing, Legos, and even school. Even though they're sort of similar, he loves pizza but really doesn't care for lasagna. Angel excels in school and really enjoys it. His favorite classes are math and science and he says, "I love school a LOT!" Angel says he would like to be an only child, but actually he would do fine in a home with others. He likes all animals except for snakes, but says he doesn't want a pet because "I don't want it to die." As a middle schooler, one of his life goals is to be the richest person in the world. On the more practical side, he's interested in doing construction, and his social worker expects him to grow into a fine, independent adult. But Angel's main life goal right now is to "have a good home and live with them for the rest of my life."