Name: Josiah Scott "Scotty"

Case Number: 3193

Date of Birth: 2006

Gender: Boy

State: North Carolina

Additional Information: Josiah, known as "Scotty," is an exceptionally intelligent young man who likes being around intelligent people. He is interested in aerospace engineering once he gets into college, although his long-term dreams include developing inventions that clean up nature. In school, Scotty likes history, but honestly, he doesn't dislike any subject - they're all good. He's not fond of young children, but he'd do well with siblings that were older than him. He also has a brother and four sisters that he would like to maintain contact with. He'd be happy with any pet - he likes all animals. Scotty's food favorites start with pizza but he likes almost all foods. He's also a fan of steak, and of hot wings. Scotty would like to be adopted, without a doubt. His definition of family is "someone you can go to when you need them," and that is what he's looking for.