Name: Jerome and Jermiah

Case Number: 3199

Date of Birth: 2008

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Jerome and Jermiah have a very close sibling bond. Jerome is the oldest and will speak up to defend and protect his brother and others. Jerome and Jermiah enjoy playing, eating, and looking out for each other’s best interests. Jerome and Jermiah also have similar styles. They both have the same tastes in clothes and shoes. Jerome and Jermiah like participating in friendly activities; and competitive sports like basketball and football to show off their athleticism. Jerome and Jermiah get along well and have typical sibling disagreements that are resolved appropriately. Jerome is more laid back, while Jermiah enjoys being the center of attention. Jerome and Jermiah enjoy attending school and engaging with peers. Jerome and Jermiah are ready for the forever family and wish to be adopted together. Jermiah and Jerome desire a traditional family with two parents. Their family will be loving, active and consistent. Their family must be willing to adopt both Jermiah and Jerome together. The siblings will benefit from a family that is patient and experienced with working with children. Their family will provide a nurturing and an emotional connection that is created and sustained over time. Their family will have consistent rules, clear goals and reinforce positive behaviors with praise and rewards. Their home environment will be highly structured with achievable expectations. Their desired family will be considerate of Jermiah and Jerome's interest in participating in sports and extracurricular activities outside of the home. Jerome born 2008, Jermiah born 2009