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Meet the Henry Family

Meet the Henry Family

Bobby and Heather Henry adopted Shane (eight) and Mariana (five) on Halloween, 2018.

“Bobby and I chose not to be a foster family, that is why we chose CAP. We only wanted to adopt. Bobby and I wanted to add to our family, I had always thought I would adopt someday, but when we had some fertility issues, we both started to research adoption. I met with CAP’s Adoption Program Supervisor Veronica Black, and just felt that this was the right place for us to be. After we completed the MAPP training and home study we found Shane and Mariana online, the next day Veronica also asked us about them. We knew from the first time we saw their photos that they would be our kids. We fell in love with our kids, and there was nothing that was going to stop us from getting them.”

In talking about what the most life-changing aspect of going from a couple of a family of four, Heather says “the big life changing aspect is more love. There is a lot of love in our home and in our extended family. Going from the two of us to the four of us feels so right and so natural and our hearts are so full. Our extended family feels the same way. Shane and Mariana have fit right into our lives. Our friends have kids their ages, our sisters are the best Aunties, and our parents love being grandparents.”

To assist the Henrys through the process, CAP provided MAPP training and the home study, and Veronica was by their side for the entire process, available with advice and support. “She taught us to advocate for ourselves and that was certainly necessary as we went through the red tape. Veronica and CAP have been supportive after the adoption also, offering opportunities for family activities and resources if we need them.”

Speaking to potential adoptive parents, Heather and Bobby want them to know that it is “not as scary as you may think it is. I think most people have a fear about adopting a child that isn't a baby. I know we did,” said Heather. “But these kids are just kids, and if you are scared, imagine how scared they are. As an adoptive parent, you really get the wonderful opportunity to chose your child(ren)! People may worry about what baggage or issues an older child might come with, and while the kids do have past experiences that impacts who they are, there are many resources in our community and the online community that can help deal with any challenges that come.”

In Shane’s own words:

“We lived with our birth mom, and it didn’t feel right to her, so she said it would be best — she thought — if we went to a different home where we’d be loved more and protected, because she couldn’t take care of me. I had to go through a lot of homes, and it was really sad when I had to leave them. It was really tough for me to go from home to home and I’m like ‘I hope this is the one.’ (On Thanksgiving), we gotta give thanks for being adopted, and getting the right mom and dad.